101 Things in a 1001 Days

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m list-obsessed. I also have a hard time doing things for myself sometimes because I feel like it’s not important enough. Recently, a friend told me about the ‘101 Things in 1001 Days’ list, and it’s perfect for my lifestyle. I make all kinds of lists everyday, and I HAVE to do whatever is on each list. This list is about self-care and personal progress, and since I wrote it down, I will accomplish it! It’s pretty simple. You write 101 things, and you have 1001 days to do all of those things. I’ve accomplished a few of the items, which are crossed off, and the bolded items are things I’m working on.

My List:
Feb. 2, 2018 – October 30, 2020

  1. Take photos every day for a month. 
  2. Get film for and learn how to use at least 2 of my old cameras.
  3. Spend a month learning the basics of playing the accordion.
  4. Spend a month learning the basics of playing the banjo.
  5. Finish going to every state park in Iowa.
  6. Complete a non-fiction book. 
  7. Go to a class/event about foraging.
  8. Visit Nashville.
  9. Visit at least two countries.
  10. Do a road trip of the southern United States.
  11. Try out new baking recipes once a week for a month.
  12. Try out new recipes once a week for a month.
  13. Write in a personal journal every day for a month.
  14. Invite someone to my home for dinner and conversation once a month for six months.
  15. Do yoga every day for a month.
  16. Write in a thankfulness journal (three things you’re grateful for) every day for a month. 
  17. Do a photoshoot unlike anything I’ve ever done.
    (2-16-18, boudoir shoot)
  18. Spend a month learning more about photoshop/photography.
  19. Spend a month learning more about illustrator/design.
  20. Document each of the 101 things I do.
  21. Send someone a care package just because.
    (2-21-18, sent to a friend in law school)
  22. Brew a delicious beer.
  23. Plant a tree.
  24. Take pictures of everything I do every day for three days.
  25. Blog on my personal blog at least once a week for two months.
  26. Start a new website project.
    (I started this blog!)
  27. Watch 5 documentaries.
    (Done 2-22 – One of Us, Jim and Andy, Flight of the Butterflies, Haunters, Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold)
  28. Go on a meditative retreat.
  29. Go to a church service at a new place.
  30. Visit a religious place that is not a church that I’ve never been to before.
  31. Go 2 weeks without scrolling through social media.
    (Done 3-7)
  32. Make a logical camera equipment purchase.
  33. Host a Harry Potter marathon/party.
  34. Go to 5 concerts.
  35. Save $5 for every goal completed and do whatever you want with it at the end of the project.
  36. Say yes to everything for a day.
  37. Watch the sunrise and sunset in a day.
  38. Go to the Czech and Slovak museum in Cedar Rapids, IA.
  39. Learn how to cook a Czech meal.
  40. Learn to make hummus.
  41. Read at least 10 books.
  42. Go tubing on a river I haven’t been on before.
  43. Declutter my space.
  44. Go to a drive-in movie.
  45. Do physical activity for at least 30 minutes for 30 days in a row.
  46. Create a budget and stick to it for a month.
  47. Go to Duluth and see the Great Lakes.
  48. Get another tattoo.
  49. Don’t spend money for a week.
  50. Learn CPR.
  51. Learn a new word every day for a month.
  52. Dance in the rain.
  53. Dress up for Halloween.
  54. Make a new friend.
  55. Learn how to use a bow and arrow.
  56. Find at least 5 new foods to forage for in the area each year.
  57. Make a miniature fairy garden.
  58. Go without Netflix and Hulu (or any streaming service) for two weeks.
  59. Work on my Spanish.
  60. Make a playlist/CD of the ultimate happy road trip songs.
  61. Find and learn about at least one new band/artist every month.
  62. Don’t complain for a week.
  63. Watch all of the Star Wars movies.
  64. Go to every free museum in a 60 mile radius.
  65. Write a song that I actually like.
  66. Learn more about my sexual self. 
  67. Get better at the trumpet.
  68. Watch a meteor shower.
  69. Go on a camping/hiking trip.
  70. Make at least three new medicines from foraged goods.
  71. Write a love letter.
  72. Buy someone flowers just because.
    (Done 3-11-18)
  73. Visit a Buddhist monastery.
  74. Read part of the Quran.
  75. Read part of the Bible.
  76. Learn and memorize at least 20 cover songs.
  77. Go ice fishing.
  78. Watch a live sporting event that I usually would not watch.
  79. Go to an amusement park.
  80. Make someone a birthday cake.
  81. Volunteer at an animal shelter at least once a month for six months.
  82. Go kayaking at least once a week for a whole summer.
  83. Make a list of 25 things I love about myself and put it somewhere I can see it every day.
  84. Make large prints of some of my photos to have in my living space.
  85. Give everyone something homemade or non-material one Christmas.
  86. Have a day where all I do is watch movies I haven’t seen before.
  87. Let go of others’ expectations as much as I possibly can.
  88. Pay off my car.
  89. Visit my friend, Robin, in Chicago.
  90. Go for a walk every day for a week.
  91. Write a letter to all of my friends who live far away.
    (Done 3-10-18)
  92. Go entirely without internet for three days.
  93. Stay with a family for a few days with a very different lifestyle/faith than my own.
  94. Figure out a plan to reduce my use of plastics.
  95. Create SOMETHING every single day for a month.
  96. Find more confidence in myself.
  97. Spend a day without looking in any mirrors.
  98. Host a Kentucky Derby party.
  99. Encourage someone else to make a 101 list.
  100. Do a random act of kindness every day for two weeks.
  101. Every chance I get, practice spontaneous LOVE.

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