Get Some Sleep: ASMR

I’m generally not someone who has issues with falling asleep, but recently I’ve started working on a lot of creative projects, and sometimes my mind just won’t stop whirring at the end of the day.

ASMR has been a huge help for me. If you’re new to ASMR, it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s a tingling sensation on your scalp and the back of your neck that is triggered by certain soft movements, sounds, words, etc. Not everyone experiences ASMR, but I have since I was a kid and only recently discovered that it’s a real thing!

There’s a plethora of YouTube ASMRtists out there, and once you delve into the world, there’s no going back. The thing about ASMR is that even if you don’t experience the tingles, the videos are still incredibly relaxing and can put anyone to sleep.

My favorite ASMRtist is Lily Whispers.
She has a ton of simple and relaxing videos, and her voice is amazingly calming.

Click here for one of my favorite vids by her.

Have a great weekend, and be sure to catch some Zs! ❤


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