Some Sunday Gratitude

I’m spending my Sunday a little hungover. It’s snowing outside – again. My body and mind are both tired.

But I’m happy. Why?

Because the blog universe is a really cool place.

I’ve had a blog for a few years now, but only in the past few months have I started to take it seriously, post consistently, and spend a lot of time reading other blogs.

Social media drains me. I can’t honestly say any time spent on social media has ever been beneficial to me unless you count my photography and restaurant Facebook pages. It makes me jealous, anxious, wondering why I’m not doing what everyone else is doing. I scroll mindlessly for hours for no good reason.

Since I started paying more attention to WordPress, I’ve found so much love for this crazy world. Every time I scroll through my WordPress feed, I learn something new, I see parts of the world I didn’t know about, I’m told stories, and I get to witness the passion that drives people.

I guess all I’m trying to say is thank you. Thank you to all you bloggers out there who bring some brightness to my days, and I hope I can do the same for you. ❤


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