De-stress with Morning Pages

Hey everyone! ❤

Last week, I said I was going to continue my series on the candida diet today, BUT life is crazy. I’m in the midst of moving and opening a restaurant for the summer, as well as trying to keep up with music, photography, and writing.

I want to put enough time, research, and effort into my next post on the diet to make it right, so I am going to postpone that until next Thursday.

This week, I want to focus on what’s keeping me relaxed through all of this (mostly anyway).

I started writing morning pages.

I’ve heard about morning pages a few times before, but I started reading a book called “The Artist’s Way” where the author encourages morning pages every single day for 12 weeks.
(More about The Artist’s Way)

Morning pages are just what they sound like – pages you write in the morning. Simple.

It’s at least three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing done as soon as you wake up every single day. You don’t read it afterwards. You don’t let anyone else read it. It can be absolutely terrible writing. You just write whatever is going on in your head.

The idea is that as adults we spend a lot of time worrying and thinking about the future – more than we are even aware of. Morning pages are a way to get all of that anxiety out as soon as you wake up so your brain and heart have some room open for other thoughts and ideas. When you free all of that space from worry, there’s a greater chance for creativity and productivity.

I’ve only been writing morning pages for a week now, but I am feeling the difference in how I go about my day. I can’t wait to see where I’m at after 12 weeks. The author of the book, Julia Cameron, said she’s been at it for years.

Goals. ❤

Thanks for reading this week! Go give morning pages a try.

Here’s an article from a blog I really enjoy where I first discovered morning pages:

More about the benefits of morning pages:

Video from Julia Cameron:


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